Part I - TypeLite has gone v1.0!

This is a series of posts about TypeLite/TypeScript. The parts are:

Part I (this part): TypeLite has gone v1.0 - Video demonstrating what we are doing

Part II: Using TypeLite to Generate TypeScript - Building the TypeScript generator

Part III: Generating TypeScript at build-time using TypeLite - Automatically regenerating the TypeScript on each build

I’ve been doing a lot of work with JavaScript for the last couple of years and have really found TypeScript to help when working on a larger application (particularly in a team environment).  However, it doesn’t help with the disconnect between client-code and server-code.  If your server code is written in .NET, I’d highly recommend checking out an awesome library from Lukas Kabrt called TypeLite.  This library enables you to generate TypeScript definitions automatically from your server-side code!  Check out the nuget package now!

From the website:

TypeLITE is a utility that generates TypeScript definitions from .NET classes. It supports all major features of the current TypeScript specification, including modules and inheritance.

I am happy to say I was able to add support for a reasonable support of generics and Lukas has merged my changes in and updated the version number to v1!  To give an idea of what you can do with this I created this short video (apologies for the production qualities – please ensure you pick 720p resolution, for some reason 1080p is grainy!!)


My next post will document how I achieved this, and then I’ll document how to wire it into your build process.